As we reflect on 2020 and brace ourselves for what is to come in 2021, some words of wisdom from those who seem to have it all figured out

What a year! While trying to “figure it out” in any given year is an endeavor in itself, the new reality of 2020 hardly allowed for such a pursuit. Chasing passions or making the big career pivot wasn’t likely in the cards this year, as we reshuffled our priorities and our lives in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As I wrap the first season of “What Should I Do With My Life?” Figuring It Out From Those Who Seem To Have It All Figured Out I wanted to share 12 pieces of advice from each of my podcast guests…

Highlights from S2 Ep6 of What Should I Do With My Life? with Steph Horwitz featuring Ava Szilagi

Meet the incredible Ava Szilagi!! Born and raised in New York, Ava is a firecracker — business owner, freelancer, mom, queen, and everything in between. Ava is a certified pilates and yoga instructor, Zumba teacher, 305 fitness instructor, and a personal trainer. In this episode, Ava talks about the role that dance played and plays in her life, we discuss the aftermath of living and breathing something you’re so passionate about in such an intensive way, she shares about the challenges and perks of mixing freelancing and motherhood, and talks about how 305 fitness is shaking up the industry…

Explorium’s automated external data science platform helps companies improve model accuracy and make better data-driven decisions

Video by Steven Ludtke & Neirin Best

The need for companies to leverage external data is no longer a nice-to-have, but critical to success. Extracting quality data from a variety of reputable sources is extremely labor-intensive, costly, and manual. Looking to streamline and more effectively leverage external context to feed into your analytical models and improve decision making? Meet Explorium.

Explorium re-thought how people find, discover, and utilize new data assets in the context of their business challenges. Instead of starting with your hypothesis of ‘what could be relevant for my use-case?’, Explorium’s automated external data platform enables customers to…

SundaySky’s video-powered experiences transform CX engagement

Video by Steven Ludtke & Neirin Best

It’s official: Brands who do not incorporate real-time content rendering will be left in the dust. Today, digital is no longer a “nice-to-have,” but critical to a company’s success. As more and more brands turn to video as a means to connect with consumers, they are realizing how difficult and costly it is to create and maintain engaging and scalable video experiences as well as measure their impact.

Enter SundaySky.

SundaySky built a real-time content rendering engine in the cloud with infinite scale that intelligently versions video relevant to each individual viewer, activated by optional…

Highlights from S2 Ep5 of What Should I Do With My Life? with Steph Horwitz featuring Amy Mullins

Meet the amazing Amy Mullins. Amy is a teacher, a healer, a CEO, a giver, a leader. She has dedicated her life’s work to empowering and supporting children in various ways, as a life coach, through her work at Detroit Boxing Gym, and oh so much more. In October, Amy created and launched A Courageous Voice (ACV) whose mission is to prevent and protect children from child sexual abuse using evidence based, educational tools to raise awareness and empower families to stop this violence. …

Mention Me’s global referral marketing platform helps brands turn their customers into their biggest advocates

Video by Steven Ludtke & Neirin Best

Today, when consumers are looking to make a purchase, social proof is king. Recommendations from friends (and even strangers — think influencers!) are key in creating consumer trust and influencing a consumer’s decision to buy. While more and more brands are experimenting with referral marketing, many find themselves locked in to simple referral systems that do not deliver. Looking for a referral marketing platform where brands can turn their customers into their most powerful marketers? Enter Mention Me.

The power of a referral

Mention Me creates a deeply data-driven program based on the context and behavior of buyers…

Algopix provides brands and CPGS with real-time product market data

Video by Steven Ludtke & Neirin Best

With increased competition in all areas and markets across the e-commerce world, the never-ending shifts in online marketing, and the gaps between brick-and-mortar and online stores, brands are really feeling the heat. In order to thrive and gain market share, brands need access to actionable, real-time data.

Enter Algopix, a product intelligence platform for e-commerce.

Analyze and benchmark your market share gain and loss by platform or competitor

Using Algopix, brands can understand the sales volume of every product in the e-commerce market across all countries and channels. How does it work? Algopix receives data from over 70,000 brands and online sellers, aggregates and anonymizes the…

eStoreMedia’s eStore shelf automation suite helps brands maximize e-commerce sales

Video by Steven Ludtke and Neirin Best

Today, every brand needs to be an e-commerce All Star. The problem? Many brands don’t know how to play the game. From solving distribution problems, through optimizing content and in store search, monitoring pricing and promotions, to creating a ratings and reviews strategy, a long list of complex processes must be executed by brand teams just to keep their heads above water in the e-commerce world. Companies are struggling to fill the ever-present gaps in content, distribution, search, and ratings.

Looking to win on the digital shelf? Look no further than eStoreMedia.

Streamline. Automate. Thrive.


Jebbit’s no-code platform allows brands to create highly engaging interactive experiences that convert

Video by Steven Ludtke & Neirin Best

With the fierce competition to capture consumers’ attention that is only heating up, brands are desperately searching for ways to successfully interact with and convert consumers. With the endless amount of digital noise, brands are struggling to communicate authentically with their target audience and get the insights they need. The solution? Jebbit!

Which herbal shampoo is right for you?

Jebbit helps companies create all different kinds of interactive experiences without needing to touch a line of code. Whether it be a product match or a trivia game, these creative experiences get consumers to interact and answer questions in a way…

Vue Storefront’s bodiless e-commerce frontend platform helps developers create outstanding storefront experiences for users

Video by Steven Ludtke & Neirin Best

Today, e-commerce sites are dealing with a range of issues when it comes to development, maintenance, migrations, and of course, attempting to meet the ever-changing demands and needs of their consumers. Many of these sites are working off of outdated tech stacks such as Java or PHP, resulting in slow site loading times, negatively impacting the user experience and overall performance. The flexible tech stack you need to provide seamless UX and exceed your consumers‘ expectations? Meet Vue Storefront.

Headless backend platform + bodiless frontend platform = one whole and happy e-commerce stack

Vue Storefront is the first on the market and the initiator of the whole…

Stephanie Horwitz

I lead global value creation for SAP.iO & I am the creator and host of “What Should I Do With My Life?”

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