As we reflect on 2020 and brace ourselves for what is to come in 2021, some words of wisdom from those who seem to have it all figured out

What a year! While trying to “figure it out” in any given year is an endeavor in itself, the new reality of 2020 hardly allowed for such a pursuit. Chasing passions or making the big career pivot wasn’t likely in the cards this year, as we reshuffled our priorities and our lives in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

As I wrap the first season of “What Should I Do With My Life?” Figuring It Out From Those Who Seem To Have It All Figured Out I wanted to share 12 pieces of advice from each of my podcast guests…

Highlights from S2 Ep1 of What Should I Do With My Life? with Steph Horwitz featuring Anthony Ware

Meet Anthony Ware! Founder and Principal of AWare Catalysts and Founder Mental Wealth, Anthony is a serial entrepreneur that has truly taken his life experiences and transformed them into his life’s work: to empower, lift up, and promote other entrepreneurs and their mental well-being. …

Shifting consumer values are driving new innovations to market at a speed like never before. Consumer Products companies must be able to serve consumers by orchestrating an ecosystem that delivers personalized experiences in the service of achieving an outcome, all at the most favorable cost.

To help drive their own innovation efforts, consumer products companies are increasingly looking to startups and new technologies to fuel future growth. By collaborating with startups to address the industry’s most pressing challenges with innovative solutions through SAP.iO, SAP is dedicated to empowering its customers to continue to thrive as prominent industry leaders. The seven…

A conversation with Amanda Niklaus, PPA Transaction Manager in the renewable industry

Amanda Niklaus

The Road Less Traveled

What initially drew you to the energy industry?

During my Master’s studies, there was a mining boom in Australia. A lot of money was put into energy research, particularly for oil and gas. The Head of my university department suggested that I pursue mathematical economics in energy and work with some prestigious supervisors from the industry which I did. After graduation, I worked as an economist for the government and then in investment banking where we were looking at M&A opportunities. At the time, I found working within this very male-dominated industry a bit unsettling, and left for the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) where I worked on…

Four ways to connect and network in our new reality

Schmoozing. A way to relate to and connect with others, to engage in small-talk, and network. A personal favorite pastime. Whether it be in the theater lobby before a show begins with your friend’s cousin, or over a glass of wine with an entrepreneur after a networking event, so much of how we connect with others is through schmoozing. Regardless if it is to make a social connection or to converse in order to gain some kind of advantage, conventional schmoozing has been a part of our daily lives. That is, until now.

How can we continue to make these…

A quick and simple checklist for clearly communicating to the external world

Photo by Rinck Content Studio on Unsplash
  1. Consistency is Key- Be consistent with the use of your company name. Whether it be on your website, social media accounts, or your company listing in PitchBook, make sure you are uniform with the use of your company name to ensure its clear recognition. If your website and your listing in a startup finder says you are called “Bubbles Technologies,” and your logo and LinkedIn just says “Bubbles, “ this inconsistency is bound to confuse potential customers and future contacts in properly identifying or locating your company. Employees, partners, media outlets, and “supporters” who are trying to promote or communicate…

Key takeaways from our latest conversation with NET2GRID featured on our energenius podcast mini-series!

We chatted with NET2GRID’s Founder and CEO, Bert Lutje Berenbroek! NET2GRID delivers a platform for utilities to gain powerful energy insights and run value-added services using machine learning algorithms on smart meter data. …

Key takeaways from our latest conversation with OXYGEN TECHNOLOGIES, featured on our energenius podcast mini-series!

We sat down with OXYGEN TECHNOLOGIES’ Co-Founder and CTO, Florian Kaiser! OXYGEN TECHNOLOGIES provides digital value-added services to private and commercial “prosumers” with an operating system to monitor and control distributed energy devices. In this of episode of energenius, Florian shares how OXYGEN TECHNOLOGIES’ solution, ELEMENTS, allows energy service providers to control decentralized energy systems on one platform, discusses how SAP and OXYGEN TECHNOLOGIES both put the prosumer at the center of the energy transition, and shares how OXYGEN TECHNOLOGIES evolved from a student project to a full-fledged startup in the utilities industry.

Also available on Apple, Google, Spotify &…

Key takeaways from our latest conversation with Raycatch, featured on our energenius podcast mini-series!

We chatted with Raycatch’s Chairman and Co-Founder, Mike Goldstein! Raycatch’s AI-driven digital asset management system automates and optimizes solar photovoltaic plants. In this episode of energenius, Mike shares how Raycatch’s software helps PV plant owners democratize operations and efficiently manage their assets, talks about the latest trends in the solar industry, and discusses how merging SAP and Raycatch’s capabilities will help clients with solar assets in their portfolios leverage their insights and reduce operational costs.

Also available on Apple, Google, Spotify & Anchor.

Here are some of our episode highlights with Raycatch’s Co-Founder & Chairman, Mike Goldstein!

Chatting with Mike

Customer Success

“Today, solar project owners and operators look with their own eyes on screens and graphs in order…

Key takeaways from our latest conversation with Pexapark, featured on our energenius podcast mini-series!

We sat down with Pexapark’s Co-Founder and CEO, Michael Waldner! Pexapark provides the operating system for post-subsidy renewable energy sales. In this episode of energenius, Michael shares the latest trends in the PPA landscape, talks about the company values driving Pexapark to success, and discusses how Pexapark will help SAP’s utilities customers more efficiently manage their PPA contracts.

Also available on Apple, Google, Spotify & Anchor.

Here are some of our episode highlights with Pexapark’s Co-Founder & CEO, Michael Waldner

Learning about PPAs!

Customer Success

“Transitioning from subsidised to post subsidised markets opens up new risks. Companies now need to access new capabilities for energy risk management. We helped a large company and major investor in renewable energy with…

Stephanie Horwitz

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