Embracing the “Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?” with Noa Matz

Meet the one and only Noa Matz! Startup Psychologist, and Operating Partner at F2 Capital in Tel Aviv and Founder, Noa has been using her strong intuition and unique talent to guide startup founders to success. From helping founders navigate high-stress situations to building a flourishing team dynamic, Noa is making a huge, first-of-her-kind impact on the startup and venture capital ecosystem. Aside from my constant fan-girling, in this episode, we hash out many a-topic — we talk about what it means to be a startup psychologist, the role of self-doubt in the entrepreneurial process, what ingredients make a satisfied employee, and the 3 elements to consider when selecting a co-founder.

Three Pearls of Wisdom from Noa Matz:

  1. When it comes to giving yourself your own job title, you need to embrace the “who the hell do I think I am to be doing this?” Noa believes that the core of being an entrepreneur, of being someone who starts something new, is this whole “who do you think you are?” attitude and chutzpah. Noa fully embraced calling herself a startup psychologist, and despite the uncertainties and vulnerabilities, she took it, owned it, and went forward with it.
Noa Matz & Steph Horwitz schmoozing!

2. Noa finds what’s interesting to her like a dog who is sniffing out a world of opportunities! She takes it back to the basics: “Do I like this? Do I like that? Is this interesting to me?Is it not?” Being true and connected to your inner self (like a dog who starts burrowing in the ground when she finds something interesting!) is crucial for satisfaction and meaning in the work you do. Be mindful of what really gets you going and lights your fire.

3. When it comes to counteroffers, Noa advises to never accept offers as they are, but to reconstruct them so they fit your agenda. Whether it’s a job proposal, a project, or really any opportunity that comes your way, never see an offer as set in stone. Be creative and adjust the proposal so that it is fitting to you, your needs, and your goals, and clearly communicate what you are looking for to the other party.

Noa Matz

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How much are you investing in your emotional well-being?What happens when the worlds of beauty and mental health collide? Find out in the next episode going live on June 9th!

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