Letting go of trying to figure it out with Vanna Sann

Highlights from S2 Ep7 of What Should I Do With My Life? with Steph Horwitz featuring Vanna Sann

Meet Vanna Sann! Vanna is the owner of Dorsu, an ethical garment manufacturing brand in Cambodia. Vanna is a multi-talented, global, passionate go-getter with expertise in brand & marketing strategy, business development, event production & management, luxury retail, media, photography, travel, and more. From working at the Gap in high school to being tapped by a recruiter for the amazing opportunity to open up a luxury retail store in Cambodia, Vanna’s story is full of unexpected opportunities, and his flexible mindset is something we all need to take on. In this episode, Vanna gives pro tips for navigating a new job that you might feel underqualified for, talks about how moments of crisis actually presented opportunities and changes in his career path, and shares why he loves the hands-on and tactile nature of the garment industry, especially in our ever-digital world.

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Three Pearls of Wisdom from Vanna Sann

  1. Vanna says that when starting a new job, the first few weeks and months should be about checking to see if we fit in with the vibe, purpose, energy and mission of the company. Are these “our people?” Does this feel right? It goes both ways; we need to ask ourselves if the vibe and values fit in with our own.
  2. When starting a job that is a bit out of our league, Vanna encourages us to go in acknowledging confidently what we do know: our strengths, our qualifications, and what we can give to the organization. With that, we must be ready to acknowledge that there is a lot we don’t know and be ready to learn and grow.
  3. When it comes to feeling overwhelmed with the question of “What should I do with my life?” Vanna suggests not to look at the huge list of options and opportunities we could pursue, rather, to think about what makes sense for where we are right now, who we are right now, and where we want to go next.

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