Realizing the power of your voice with Amy Mullins

Highlights from S2 Ep5 of What Should I Do With My Life? with Steph Horwitz featuring Amy Mullins

Meet the amazing Amy Mullins. Amy is a teacher, a healer, a CEO, a giver, a leader. She has dedicated her life’s work to empowering and supporting children in various ways, as a life coach, through her work at Detroit Boxing Gym, and oh so much more. In October, Amy created and launched A Courageous Voice (ACV) whose mission is to prevent and protect children from child sexual abuse using evidence based, educational tools to raise awareness and empower families to stop this violence. In today’s episode, Amy shares about how being of service to others has been a huge element in her healing journey, what it was like to take something so painful and not spoken about and turn that into her life’s work, and talks about how everything changed when she realized her voice matters.

Amy & Steph chatting away

Three Pearls of Wisdom from Amy Mullins:

  1. Through A Courageous Voice, Amy was able to take something so painful and channel that energy into a movement, a vehicle for change, a way to support and help empower others. Amy truly took a dark experience and turned it into light; sharing her story is making a profound impact on the lives of every person she meets. Amy shows us in the purest form the positivity and power that sharing our stories can have on the world.
  2. Helping others work through their trauma and being a life coach was a major source of healing for Amy. She realized there was some kind of power and some kind of healing energy that was released by helping others and being a voice for children. Working to empower others to find their voices was critical for Amy to find her own. Amy’s story shows us the strong impact the act of helping others can have on our own personal growth and healing. We should all tap in to the power of helping others and make more of a deliberate effort to do so.
  3. Amy always pushes herself to ask the tough questions and seeks to ask the hard questions, even to herself. For those trying to figure it out, Amy says we need to be open to choice and possibilities and not accept things as they are handed to us. It’s time for us to really dig deep and challenge what’s being offered to us.
Amy Mullins

If you are someone you know has been sexually abused, you can find resources and support at

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